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Isabel Marant pour H&M

There are two huge canvas tie dyed Isabel Marant pour H&M shopping bags under my desk right now! I cannot wait to add these oversized totes to my bag of bags! My shopping mania may be due to my lack of sleep.  After whipping myself into a baby food making frenzy last night, blending roasted carrots and turnips for my girl, I stayed up til midnight last night to shop the collaboration online only to realize it went on sale at 12PM EST.   After checking from my desk and realizing there was no line, I ran the 3 blocks from my office to the H&M store and shopped while a DJ spun my favorite Duck Sauce song. Arms ladle with assorted garments and hangers from my elbows I began to consider that the physical demands of competitive shopping was surprisingly less intense than those of motherhood.  i don’t ownanything from Isabel Marant’s line but I do love the boho chic meets rocker sensibility she’s got going on. If I had to summarize the core of the designers ethos I’d say, girlfriend has mastered the idea of not trying too hard. Pair a grey sweatshirt with any one of her metallic, silky, printed bottoms and you’re done, insta-insouciant glamour. The H&m line perfectly captures this aesthetic. So here’s what I got:

(all photos courtesy of

Looks like there is a lot of black and white going on although some of the dresses have shimmery colored patterns.  Upon first glance, the fabrics seem great, most are 100% silk!   The sequin trousers will be perfect for mama’s next night out and the silk ones, I may wear to a rehearsal dinner in Mexico in a few weekends. Love the 40’s silhouette on the longer dress and the shorter one has a cool cutout on the small of the back, perfect for holiday parties and nights on the town with a pair of booties.  I can’t wait to snuggle my babe in the furry black and white sweater while she dons the matching cap, we’re gonna be so cozy and so cool, not like we’re trying though!