Autumn salad

my baby girl and i spent a bonus  day together in what seems like the last of fall’s brisk and sunny days. there have been so many great afternoons this season and today’s impromptu stroll had us walking through a very autumnal Brooklyn Heights. it really doesn’t get much better than that. solo for dinner tonight, I raided my crisper and found myself eating a two course dinner of salad. the first, created with csa remnants, avocado and tamari dressing finally filled my week old craving for sushi.  the crisp and salty combo so hit the spot, I found myself reaching back in the fridge to recreate it, grating a rind of parmesan and fennel to toss with lemon and oil.  though cooking for one has its pitfalls tonight it looks like a light and healthy salad is just the thing to ward winter off for another few days…

 while a classic vinaigrette is my go to, here are some asian inspired dressings for those nights you’re craving takeout but know better…
cookieandkate a lovely missouri based food blog's tamari vinaigrette is a simple winner
cookieandkate: chopped kale salad with edamame carrot and avocado

This miso tahini dressing is a killer combo. Check out the Hemsley sister's other recipes, Vogue istempting me into cooking with gorgeous photos
vogue uk: hemsley & hemsley salad

Oh Gwyneth, you didn't make my favorite mom blog list, but I do like your recipes.
goop's detox recipe for ginger carrot dressing

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