Mom Blog Roundup

Happy Fall! Its about time I reappear from the annals of new motherhood. What a long, strange and magical trip it has been so far!  One of the first things you learn as a new parent is that you are not in it alone. There are a tremendous number of witty, smart and stylish mamas who have taken to social media to share their experiences and talents.  Many are “mommy bloggers” who illustrate brief narratives about their day to day adventures with their children with beautiful photography. Others provide an emotional peek into the compelling challenges that accompany parenthood, infertility, and heavens forbid, sick children. Another growing category are  ‘momtrepreneurs,’ successful business owners slinging hip, homemade baby gear from their home studios and Etsy pages.

During my maternity leave, I spent many hours singlehandedly stalking blogger moms on social media while I fed my daughter with the other. While a part of me fantasizes about joining the ranks of mommy bloggers, I can’t get comfortable with the idea of plastering pictures of  my child or should I say “little” on the internet, and have yet to even post a photo of my daughter to Facebook (Instagram though, is fair game?!).  I wonder how successful blogger moms feel when readers recognize their children on the street and already know so much about them! How do their husbands feel about the intimate details of a marriage discussed in a public forum?  While creating a digital trust fund for your child seems like an extreme measure against over-sharing,  it takes a brave and, very ambitious mom to be so open and vulnerable with her family in order to grow readership and ultimately run a blog that can turn a profit.

All these questions aside, there is very strong community of mom bloggers and an audience so large that multinational corporations have begun to take a notice. In addition to generating revenue through advertisements, many mom bloggers are approached by huge brands (think: Tide, Home Depot) who sponsor quaint posts featuring their products in the context of authentic family life. Of course, this close knit community attracts the sponsorship of small, homemade brands and you can see fabulous friendships between women and creative partnerships being born on the regular.   In this endless debate of opting in, opting out, leaning in, wondering if women can have it all, or just being ok with “the medium chill” many of these bloggers who seem to effortlessly combine their careers and family life are a source of fascination to me.

To celebrate the return of Dumbodomestic,  I’m calling out just a few of my favorite mom blogs from around the web.  Check out their blogs and be sure to follow them on Instagram too!

Hippy Crunchy Moms:

The Road is Home – Nirrimi, a young and renowned Australian fashion photographer and herbivore will charm you with her spirited and dream like portrayals of her family and travels.

Dancey Pants Disco
Artist Michelle lives on an island with her sweet son Odin. The frequent appearance of galoshes, baby chickens and babywearing makes this the perfect read for a cozy fall Sunday.

Theres been some talk about Mormon housewife blogs because these ladies bring it!

Rockstar Diaries – The original IT girl of Morman bloggers (this intro wouldn’t be complete without her) Naomi Davis aka Taza is a Juliard trained dancer with a megawatt smile who explores New York with her ‘”littles,” Eleanor and Samson.  With her colorful style and a joie de vivre that is ever present, she makes navigating the city’s sidewalks with a double stroller look so easy!

HeyNatalieJean – With her recently revamped brand, Natalie Holbrook, the artist formally known as NattheFat has become the Steven Alan to Taza’s Anthropology.  Readers are devoted to little Huck’s impish smile and Natalie’s matter of fact and cheerful account of life in NYC.  This duo makes live in the big city seem positively whimsical.

One mom led to another on Instagram and I realized I’ve been following a pack of new girls in town! I’ve been admiring their honest perspective and penchant for sarcasm.

Lillies and Leon
Sweet and retro cool mami Nicole is gorgeous and her son Lucas has fly style!  With her new series besosdemiami she connects the Latina mom community.   Nicole’s photos have a light and airy feel to them and her joyous and appreciative take on life is refreshing.

StrollerNaps – Working mom Julie Garces’  style is very punk meets Brooklyn glamour. Musings on her sweet son Rio, bloody mary fueled weekend romps through iconic Brooklyn and succinct thoughts on the culture of motherhood portrayed through photos and interesting type make this blog a great read.

The C-Word – North Carolina transplant Christine and her daughter Marlo are a stylish, smart and free thinking duo with amazing pouty lips that are typically adorned in red (mom only).  Christine is a fabulous writer with a genuine voice and an eye for fashion, food and design.  I think she is moving to my zip code and I can’t wait to see whats in store for her family.

Don’t miss these moms who run some of the greatest conversations on the web!

Cup of Jo
Joanna is a powerhouse in women’s blogging.  Her website which includes content on style, design, food and, humor has a global readership made up of women in many different stages of life.   While raising her sons,  toddler Toby and new baby Anton,  this former magazine editor bridges well- styled photography with sweet and approachable content.  Joanna’s work  highlighting Motherhood around the World and Working Moms demonstrates that there is some real journalistic talent behind her pretty smile.

Motherlode – one of the most honest and informative looks into parenting today, the New York Times Magazine parenting blog features different contributors who foster critical discussions about gender, infertility, education, (scary) challenges confronting parents of children of all ages and family life.

And finally, some of my favorite design blogs written by moms:

Eye Swoon – Athena calderone, is a beautiful wife to jetsetting DJ Victor and mom to a skater, Jovi who lives in perhaps the most gorgeous apartment in my neighborhood. I have watched her blog blossom into a solid destination for beautiful photography, cooking and fashion – I would expect nothing less of such a talented interior designer and creative soul.

Little Green Notebook
Jenny is the queen of DIY with an incredible eye for textiles and a knowledge of design history. Her 3 blond girls will hopefully inherit her can do spirit and ability to execute on phenomenal home improvement  projects from the sprucing up the laundry room to laying wood floors by hand(insanity!!). With a recent move from brownstone Brooklyn to her hometown of Phoenix where she is the proud owner of a new house, a whole new chapter is unfolding, don’t miss out!

[I’ve had a really hard time finishing this post. Every time I go to hit the publish button, I’m reminded of another blog I’ve come to adore. Consider this an intro to the genre.  Please share your favorites in the comments! To be continued…)


3 thoughts on “Mom Blog Roundup

  1. julie says:

    I just saw this post! Thank you so much for including me!! XO and can we meet for a bloody mary soon please?!

  2. TheC-Word says:

    How didn’t I see this? Oh, wait. Moving, traveling, and sickness. BLAH. Thanks lady for the love! We need to have a play date ASAP. And let me get my hands on yo baby!!!

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