The Midcentury Modern List


Arne Jacobson Swan Chair


Back in my glory days I lived in an adorable studio apartment on 5th avenue in Greenwich Village.  Around the time I moved in, a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of Mid-century modern design.  We scoured flea markets, Craigslist, and even contemporary purveyors of the genre for studio sized furniture that was functional and fun. Even though mid-century modern design has become quite trendy and ubiquitous in recent years, I don’t think I will ever tire of the clean lines, beautiful material and smart design of the originals.  I convinced my husband that we absolutely needed a vintage credenza when we moved in together and my persistence must have struck a cord.  He took me to Copenhagen on our honeymoon, where I had the opportunity to visit the Design Museum and learn more about the origins of the the Danish design movement which emphasizes craftsmanship, materials and form and paved the way for mid-century style of the 1950s and 60s.

Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect sized low mid-century inspired dresser to use as a changing table/dresser for my nursery, so I thought I’d put together this list for my own reference and yours. While there are many expensive dealers of mid century antiques around, (Baxter Liebchen I’m looking at YOU), if you browse Craigslist, eBay, and the independent purveyors (mainly located in Brooklyn, NJ and the Tri-state area) below, you are sure to find a reasonably priced, one of a kind piece to complete your Mad Men fantasy.  Feel free to add any helpful recommendations in the comments!


Circa 60


This shop formerly located by the Brooklyn Navy Yard is run by scruffy in-the -know hipsters. I bought a great coffee table for my studio, glass top on a base of a tree stump in the original location! The new Williamsburg location is double or triple the size and filled with great furniture and accessories. The prices are pretty reasonable too!


Baxter Liebchen

Luckily, I have the nicest in-laws who gifted us with an original Arne Jacobson dining table from this spot. Be sure to check out this emporium for inspiration, but beware of sky high prices for original, refurbished antiques.

Found Mod

I bought the credenza our TV sits on from this super sweet husband and wife team. They delivered the piece without me ever having seen it in person. Their descriptions, prices and customer service were spot on. Highly recommended! (Lambertsville, NJ)
Furnish Green

I love this sustainable furniture showroom based right in the unlikeliest of places, an office building in Herald Square. I can browse at my desk and visit on my lunch hour. They have a great selection of antiques and many mid century pieces.  Some of the items can be a bit beat up, but the prices are right and the owners are very helpful.


Mike’s MCM


One thought on “The Midcentury Modern List

  1. Melanie says:

    Good list – I’ve heard of most of them, but a couple are new to me. You should have a look at lushpad too.

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