Zara Home…is UGLY?

Zara Home is now available in the U.S. and design folk are excited about their stylish and affordable selection. I wasn’t blown away by the initial offerings and the lack of description, measurements and other important information one might need when ordering furniture and bedding off the web is disappointing.  Could the site still be catering to Zara’s European clientele?  The furniture, pillows and bedding seem to be grouped into several distasteful aesthetic categories that I’ll call: Versace Mansion, I ❤ Leopard Print, and Modern Metallic.

Perhaps Zara Home designers are not as astute as the creative forces behind the brand’s clothing who can analyze, predict and manufacture trendy spins on classic silhouettes moments after they’ve appeared on the runway. Yet, the prices, & free October shipping are redeeming, and since we all have  one beloved Zara staples in our closet,  I’ll give Zara Home another chance.

My aunt once taught me a great lesson about design.   If you isolate one object amongst a group of similar looking things, it starts to look a whole lot more appealing and you can judge it on its own merit. Below, I’ll test her wisdom on a few pieces from the Zara Home Collection and see if any of it is classier than I originally thought.

Versace Mansion

Verdict: The winner here, unless you’re a fan of Versace prints in a pastel Pucci palate is what Zara’s calling Monocle Nest of Tables. For $250, these gold rimmed side tables could class up your living room places strategically right next to grandma’s old couch. The interesting circular shape and clear glass top wouldn’t take up a whole lot of visual space making them ideal for a small room.

I ❤ Leopard Print

Verdict: Its a toss up between the leopard print covered tissue box which may bring on the sniffles, and the hangers which would be a really fun way to jazz up an entire closet.

Modern Metallics

This is definitely the least offensive category and I find myself liking a bunch of the items I’ve selected.  Zara has a point: shiny things do go with everything and I am partial to mixing metals.  While the pillow looks like something you’d put on your couch if you didn’t want people to get comfortable, the mercury glass bottles filled with white flowers would add a nice touch to the dinner table and the gold mirrored tray would look great on top of a vanity with perfume bottles.  The real winner though is the Lucite tables (does clear pass for silver)  because even though I’ve seen these around before, I think the Zara price is right.

Hiding behind all that leopard print (aprons & coasters are also available for the fierce hostess), there are a few classic, antique inspired gems.   I’ll admit I have my eye on a few of the tablecloths and maybe even some of the vintage inspired stemware.  Perhaps Crate and Barrel will be getting a run for their money?


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