Fish Witch

While this blog has been suffering from a lack of attention, the real domestic stuff has been going well. So well in fact, that several weeks after the spontaneous trip to Spain, I learned that I was expecting my first baby! The rest of the summer inched by uneventfully marked only by frequent bathroom trips at 2am, 4am and 6am and the one time I got caught fast asleep at my desk. Making organs is exhausting and oftentimes I would find my eyelids so heavy that I had no choice but to walk over to the Roosevelt Hotel near my office and pass out in a leather chair during my lunch break. Suitcases banging my legs and dysfunctional family conversations in Dutch and German punctuated by 2 English phrases: Times Square and Empire State, did little to rouse me from my stupor.  I really had no shame sleeping in public.  Once, on a glorious day in early August, I walked over to Bryant Park intent on napping on the vast grass lawn, only to find them closed. I parked myself on a shady and woke up to a New York City Police officer asking if I was OK and informing me that lying down on park benches is prohibited.

I did not find myself with the usual morning sickness everyone complains of in the first trimester. It was more of an all day malaise, my appetite whetted only by large bags of funions, sour patch kids and cranberry cocktail. I craved beer, burgers and fries and something– anything that would take away the persistent nausea. Perhaps a stimulant or two to keep me awake during the workday since the one cup of coffee I was allowed did nothing to dull my endless drowsiness. Even retail therapy could not quell my fatigue; the body hugging silhouettes I gravitate to cut off my circulation, mumus were no longer in season and winter’s oversized sweaters hadn’t yet arrived in stores.

As I rounded the corner into my 4th month, the disgust and sleepiness went away just as quickly as it appeared. Rather than think about all the things I was missing out on (Michaladas, spicy tuna rolls and Brie), I found myself gleefully downing virgin Bloody Marys and avocado rolls. Preparing and eating platefuls of rainbow colored organic, CSA veggies like kale, beets, and chard never felt so virtuous! When the nice prenatal yoga DAD instructor demonstrated easier modifications for poses during the 2nd trimester, I was thrilled that I had a legitimate excuse for a less intensive workout.

People react to pregnancy in strange ways such as wondering aloud about whether it was planned, telling me how it feels “so soon”, touching (sans permission) my barely showing abdomen or asking me about my cravings.  To those of you who have committed the first 3 offenses, I beg you on behalf of pregnant ladies everywhere to please end your rude behavior.  To the others who are curious about what I’ve been eating, you should know about this one out of the way spot I frequent for THIS:

Lake Trout’s cheese fish sandwich.Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Thanks NYMag for informing me about Lake Trout, this lovely sandwich and for the close up. This fishwich is devoured far too quickly to be captured on film by me.   The  oozing cheese, crunchy lettuce, fried, tarter sauce goodness is so satiating that the Mr. has figured out that bringing me here, even in my crankiest pregnant state, has an immediate subduing effect.

I especially love that this $6.50 sandwich is served up in a retro room that reminds me the 70’s style rec room I never had.  Having a bun in the oven makes me think about my own childhood and Lake Trout’s wood paneled walls hung with Baltimore Oriole’s baseball cards, orange chairs and space age lamps, creates the perfect after school hangout. While the cheese fish sandwich is by far my favorite, there are lots of other Baltimore style seafood offerings on the menu of this joint, and the battered fries are epic!

Lake Trout

If fish isn’t your thing, there is an affordable boutique next door to Lake Trout that has great oversized sweaters, chunky necklaces and adorable dresses. South Williamsburg is full of shops and restaurants to check out and Havemeyer Sreet in particular is on the brink of total gentrification; a conflicting site but a cool experience. I adore the name of the shop next door to Lake Trout which really sums up my mood after a fishwich: La Di Da Dee!

Lake Trout: 160 Havemeyer St., nr. S. 2nd St., Williamsburg; no phone yet
La Di Da Dee: also 160 Havemeyer, no website.

p.s.  check out the times review on Lake Trout! Looks like I beat them to it!


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