Dumbo Skyline

I heart Dumbo! I’ve lived here for almost 2 years and in that time, I have made more neighborhood based friends than during my 8 year existence in Manhattan.  Living tucked away under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges with only a handful of restaurants and shops makes Dumbo feel like a small town or shtetl.  Dumbo-ites have a strong sense of community.  Though we are only moments away from the pungent fish markets of Chinatown and the rising futuristic structures of lower Manhattan, the breeze from the East River stirs up dust and BQE debris from the quiet cobblestone streets and you feel so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The vistas in Dumbo, particularly the view of the bridge from Washington Street is featured in too many movies to keep count. Recently, I looked out my bedroom window and was captivated by a new addition to the skyline.

Watertower is a sculptural piece by Brooklyn based artist Tom Fruin, featuring reclaimed and recycled materials. I love how Fruin uses plexiglass salvaged from ‘the floors of Chinatown sign shops’  among other local sources to create
an ethereal stained glass effect. Reminiscent of an antique cathedral, the watertower shape is a divine work of modern public art.

Check it out below at night, and during the day. For more information on Tom Fruin, click here.

Pictures courtesy of Tom Fruin.


One thought on “Dumbo Skyline

  1. itinerantdaughter says:

    Saw this while driving over the bridge the other day –– truly special!

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