Spring Cleaning

With passover quickly approaching I began to clean out my kitchen to ensure that not a morsel of leavened bread remains!  While I’m no suzy homemaker, spring cleaning particularly grody kitchen cabinets is quite cathartic.   My sister in law’s fridge is immaculate and I try to keep my refrigerator clean on a regular basis for my husband who balks at eating food passed its expiration date. Sometimes I sneak it into dinner.  Yet, beyond the refrigerator  and the crumb laden pantry, can you guess where the hidden source of crustiness lies?

If you guessed the area where cinnamon sticks commingle with vanilla pods, zaatar retains its scent from a trip to tel aviv  shuk hacarmel 3 summers ago, and sesame is both a type of seed and oil, you guessed right! In addition to removing everything, wiping down your cabinets with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution and lining the cabinets if you wish, for flavor’s sake, take an inventory and retire the aromatics that have lost their magic.

Did you know you had to refrigerate paprika and chili powder? For more details on keeping your armoire d’herbes fresh, check out FoodDemocracy.

Ingredient Shelf Life
Herbs 1 to 3 Years
Extracts 4 Years, except pure vanilla, which lasts indefinitely
Ground Spices 2 to 3 Years
Whole Spices 3 to 4 Years
Seasoning Blends 1 to 2 Years

Marrakesh Épicerie

olives, hot peppers, capers & preserved lemons at the market in Marrakesh.


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