Jello Shot redux

Last weekend was glorious and I’d give anything to be poolside by the Parker Palm Springs again! I was asked if I could ever get bored of sunbathing. Being back at my midtown NYC desk, I’d have to answer a resounding NO! Warm sun+bloody marys+great friends= paradise!  Mid tanning session on Saturday, the pool girls came by with a free treat!


photo courtesy of the lovely Chelsea Dubois

It was a pomegranate jello shot cradled in a lemon peel and it tasted divine! The colors were perfectly Palm Springs and that melt in your mouth feeling was so refreshing! We could barely contain our excitement and stalked the pool girl for another round!

Today, I by chance stumbled upon a recipe for Blood Orange Jelly Smiles which provides step by step instructions for creating very similar treats.  I think this technique could be replicated in a number of delicious combinations- imagine a grapefruit/mint or orange/basil shot! The possibilities are endless and by using agar-agar rather than plain old jello, you can truly customize the  colors and flavors and leave behind the night you had one too many green jello shots at the frat house for good!

For more jello shot inspiration, check out Luxiraire’s gorgeous work using Agar Agar! The little peice of celery in the bloody mary shot (middle of the back row) is the cutest!

courtesy of


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