Palm Springs Style

The Mr. and I are off to California for my birthday weekend! We’ll be staying in L.A. with some friends and then heading to Palm Springs for an overnight stay! I’ve never been to Palm Springs but I imagine it to be a fantasy land!  For about 4 years now, I have been a huge fan of mid century modern design! The look is definitely experiencing a revival as just about every furniture store is selling knockoffs but I think the mix of retro and sleek inherent to this look is something I will love for a long time!  Our stay at the  Parker Palm Springs coincides with the Mad Men Season V Premiere.  After 17 Draper-less months, I cannot wait to watch! For now, a few images to get me into the Palm Springs groove. I promise to post original pictures when I return!

The Parker Hotel ! Our hallway runner is the same as this rug!

Would love to entertain from this poolside!

Don Draper & his stylish lady friend rocking a palm print

Love the combination of B&W, Blues and Yellow in this room

Hoping to score some vintage glassware for my collection!


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