Mad Men Makeup!

Did everyone have a nice President’s Day weekend?  Here at DD, we left our Brooklyn digs for the weekend for a twist on the staycation, i.e. visiting with the in-laws (stay tuned for that post!).  We had a wonderful time and getting back to the grind is near impossible!  I have been trolling the internet for something new and noteworthy…and here it is! (thanks to NYmag!)

One of the things that I am most looking forward to is the return of Mad Men (March 25th)!  Betty Draper is hands down, my favorite homemaker on TV.   I even made customized Betty Draper postal stamps for my Mad Men themed bridal shower last May!   Though she may be a reluctant homemaker, her flawless style and surly approach to child rearing reveal some of the intimate frustrations- and triumphs that housewives in the post-war era experienced.  Sometimes, after a long day of work and one too many chores (I’m looking at you, post dinner cleanup!) I find myself identifying with women  like Betty. Yet, along with the grievances comes the glamour (an escape mechanism perhaps?).

So, as we anxiously await for the 25th of March,  I am pleased to present to you, dear readers,  an alluring collaboration between Estee Lauder and Mad Men.  I am counting on these stunning shades of pinks (in both lipsticks and creme blush)  to transform my pale winter face into a feminine vision of springtime!  Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president of Estée Lauder explains: “The product and the packaging were inspired by a concept that we call ‘handbag elegance’—beautiful things you take out of your purse.”  No doubt, Betty would approve.





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